• Build website

    Website delivers information about your business and passion to your potential clients, investors, and partners 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Let your website visitors know about your brand, talents, products and services. Let IT help your customers connect with you at their own convenient time.
  • Develop Apps

    Be paperless. Convert your offline system into a working web application. Convert your idea into a digital system. Create mobile apps to engage more to your users and help you maximize your business.
  • Sell Online

    7,4 millions Indonesian are expected to be digital buyers in 2015 and it will grow to 8,7 millions of them in 2016. Online Store is like a retail store that opens 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a larger demographic area of customers. Get auto-generated stock inventory and sales revenue reports. Let IT effectively increase your revenues while implementing a more efficient and effective marketing and operational strategy.

OntelStudio is a small group of professionals who share the passion to develop online based application to promote / organize your passion, information or business

Web Development

We deliver sites like company profile, e-commerce, CMS, and data visualization


Mobile Development

We build mobile apps for Android devices as well as iOS. Whether you need an interactive


Custom-Built Development

Attendance system, payroll system, hotel reservation system are some of the custom-built


Graphic Development

Whether you need logos, corporate identity, print ad design, newsletters or other print designs,

About Us
We are an enthusiastic team of IT professionals. What we do is converting your vision into a working application.

How We Work
We use the Scrum framework to generate a better timeline estimation to support your offline marketing strategy. It provides a detailed scoping and planning phase and makes it easier to follow the development progress with periodic meetings and updates. This method is our dedication to make sure the output product meets your business expectation in a timely manner.
Our Vision 
create desirable high quality products, give the best values to our customers and stakeholders, bring impact and provide welfare to the society 

Our Mission
  • to deliver the best values and products that meet International Standards (ISO9001) to our clients and their clients 
  • to deliver customer service excellence 
  • to embrace the culture of respecting others: working with passion; working as a team player; discipline; improve self-learning habit; and communicating well to use skills and knowledge in digital industry 
  • to give benefits to small medium enterprises, art and culture world, and the greater society
We are a team of bright and friendly digital experts who embrace technology and encourage everyone to share their perspective. We love to convert your ideas into beautiful and innovative web and mobile applications. And we do it as a team, to get the best results. We also work closely with our clients to understand their business insight, goals, and values.

It will be our biggest happiness when the software can solve your problems and grow your business.
  • Jl. Bima No 2A
    Sokowaten, Bantul
    Yogyakarta 55198
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  • info@ontelstudio.com
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